Express laundry

Why should you consider an express laundry service?

While washing clothes at home is a good option for most people, there are times when you won’t be able to do so, such as busy work schedules, leaving you too tired to do laundry. Apart from this, washing your own clothes, although it saves money, can take a long time. These problems, and much more, can be solved by having a laundry service do it for you.

We recommend Mr Jeff, a home delivery laundry service. Download the app, register, select the clothes you want washed and our driver will pick them up at your house and deliver them to your door in record time.

It’s that easy, all while you enjoy your free time.

Laundry services save money

Washing machines make work faster and easier, but it can also be very expensive to buy. For those who can’t afford to buy one or use their own, taking your clothes to the laundromat can save money.

The majority of laundry services have different prices per kg and for different items. Given that competition is ferocious, prices are now affordable.

Laundry services save time

Express laundromats are timesavers for those who don’t have time to wash clothes at home. The demand for professional laundromats is seen in busy places as well as businesses such as hotels and restaurants.

Express laundry



High demand for laundromats

With the growing demand for laundry services, many companies are offering reliable services with more options and benefits. These include express laundry and even delivery, meaning your clothes can be washed while you can concentrate on other tasks!

Express laundromat 24/7

It’s now easier to access laundromats as there are more that have numbers you can call to take care of laundry. Some are even available 24/7. These will surely deliver your clothes on time! Even the busiest people with little free time can rest easy knowing they won’t ever run out of clothes to wear.

A good tip for busy people is to leave laundry to the professionals. There are many services in Singapore you can contact, and the best part is that they’ll save you a lot of time and money in the long run.


Express laundry

Express laundry


There are also different types of stains that can’t be removed safely at home without potentially ruining the fabric. Regular washing machines or hand washing are not always the best way to get rid of stains on certain fabrics.

For example, delicate fabrics such as silk, wool, linen or velvet can stretch, shrink or even have their colors run, even when washed in a normal washing machine or by hand. Dry cleaning is the best option for these items.

Ease of using an express laundromat

Because they’re in the industry, laundry services understand the importance of using these different cleaning methods. Not only will they clean your clothes, but they will also prevent them from shrinking and colors running. You can be assured that they will use high quality materials to clean them and make them look and feel as good as new again.

lavanderia express

Lavandería express

Laundry services offer many options, so you can choose the one you like most.

Express laundry services are more than capable of offering a wide variety of washing and drying methods that suit your clothes. Whether you are allergic to a specific detergent or your items are made of delicate fibers needing special treatment, the laundry services are equipped to meet your needs.

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