How to remove glue from clothes

Removing glue from clothes. Sound complicated? Afraid so.

Glue is difficult to remove because of its origin and composition. The best thing to do before you try to remove it is to call the experts.

At Mr Jeff you will always find professionals who can recommend the best options to rescue your clothes (if possible) from irreparable damage.

Although leaving it to the experts is advisable, here are some home remedies you can try if you want to try rescue the item yourself.

How to remove glue from clothes: before you start

You will need different items found in the home to begin.

Basic cooking items such as vinegar or beauty products such as acetone will be useful and cheap when removing the glue stains.

Now let’s explain how to use these products.

How to remove glue from clothes with white vinegar

This is one of the most used product found in the home for cleaning household items and some garments. We will explain how to use it to remove glue stains:

You will need:

  • 2 spoons of white vinegar
  • Half a glass of warm water
  • Nail polish remover with acetone
  • Cotton swab
  • A soft bristled toothbrush
How to remove glue from clothes

How to remove glue from clothes

Steps to follow to remove glue from clothes

  • Soak the cotton swab in acetone.
  • Dab a non-visible area of the item to make sure the acetone doesn’t damage it.
  • If the item resists, pour some of the acetone on the stain with the help of the cotton swab. The acetone will help dissolve the glue a little. If the glue isn’t very strong, the acetone will remove quite a lot of it.
  • Be patient and leave the acetone soak on the stain for about 10-15 minutes.
  • When this time has passed, take the toothbrush and brush the stain to remove the glue little by little. Be careful not to spread the stain.
  • Examine the stain and if there is some residue remaining, you will have to use plan ‘‘B’’. Mix some of white vinegar with some water, soak a cloth in the mixture and dab the stain to remove the residue.
  • Once this is done, wash the item in the washing machine using the setting you normally use.
  • Let it dry and you will see that the stain will have been removed.
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How to remove glue from clothes

The result after removing the stain

If all goes well, the stain will have been completely removed.

For delicate items it’s best not to use these products as they may damage your item for good. In these cases, consult with the experts.

How to remove glue from clothes

How to remove glue from clothes

Advantages of homemade products to remove stains

The advantages of this remedy is that it’s quite economical and very effective.

As mentioned previously, it’s not highly recommended as it can damage your clothes and wear the fibers.

If you don’t have them at home, the products can be found in supermarkets at low prices. Making this mixture takes just a few minutes and you will have the product ready to stir.

Recommendations and care in handling these products.

Although the items are for home use, be careful when handling them. Sensitive skin can react to certain products such as acetone. Acetone should not be ingested and if it gets into contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical attention.

Addition tip for removing glue stains

White vinegar is great for removing dirt and bacteria. It’s used to clean metal objects, remove limescale and recover the initial shine of cutlery. It is a common, cheap and easy to use product.

Now that you know about these tips, you can put them into practice. It’s quick and easy, but it’s even quicker and easier to place your order with Mr Jeff.

Remember, you can contact your nearest Store and ask for recommendations for your items. You will receive the best service in order to give your clothes the best treatment and result.

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