Rug cleaning

RUG CLEANING with home delivery service

To clean your rug in the best possible way, you must first and follow expert advice. At Mr Jeff your rug will always be well cared for.  

Request rug cleaning through our website or app. We’ll go to your home to pick  your rug and we’ll take good care of it, providing an excellent service which will leave your rug looking brand new.  

A lot of the time we simply don’t worry about our rugs.  We don’t realise how important it is to wash keep cleaning them until we suddenly find a stain after a gathering of family or friends or discover huge colour changes when rearranging furniture. 

Yes, our rugs often get very worn down which makes it even more important to know how to clean them thoroughly and keep them in better condition and that way they’ll last longer. 

That’s why we want to give you a few recommendations to help you take better care of your rugs. 

Before storing the rug, clean it and roll it up

If you’re a person who changes rug every season, we recommend that before storing it away you use our Mr Jeff home-delivery service to make sure it’s clean. Then you can roll it up in newspaper, because the paper will easily absorb any traces of moisture. 

Rug cleaning

Rug cleaning

Stop your rug losing its original color:

  • Mix a fistfull of fine-grain salt and water in a bowl until it forms a paste. Spread the mixture on the rug, let it dry and then rub it in with a brush. To get rid of any remains, simply vacuum and you’re done. 
  • Use a warm spirit vinegar. Wet a cloth with this vinegar and rub the rug. Wait a few minutes for it to take effect and then dry the area with a dry cloth. To get rid of any remains, simply vacuum and you’re done. 
  • If the rug is dark you can spread slightly damp coffee grounds on it. Leave them to dry and then brush to remove. Vacuum and you’re done.

Neutralize bad fiber odors through a thorough rug cleaning

Sprinkle baking/ bicarbonate of soda on the surface, let it take effect and remove by vacuuming.Then spray it with your favorite scented oil spray. Choose the one you like most such as lavender, cinnamon, geranium. You decide!  

Furniture dents

Use ice. Apply it on the affected area, where furniture has dented the rug, and let it melt. The rug will act like a sponge meaning the dent should disappear. If it does not disappear at all, use a fork to gently lift the fibers to achieve a better result. 

As an additional tip : rotate the rug periodically, at least once per year so the marks aren’t as deep and you rug gets less damaged. 

Rug cleaning

Cleaning dusty rugs

Without a doubt this is the rug’s silent but deadly enemy. It damages fibers and if it is not consistently got rid of it can even cause tears. Yes, dust, although it doesn’t seem so is very harsh on rugs.

According to experts, it’s best to vacuum rugs without using the vacuum’s brush, but just with its tube, so you rug doesn’t get worn and will last much longer as a decoration in your home. 

How to remove stains from your rug

The faster you act the better. Ideally use paper towels to soak up what you can. But wait, it’s not just about cleaning, you have to use the right cleaning technique which means starting from the edge and working your way in.

Its very important that you never use an extremely wet sponge because you could make the stain bigger and make it even worse. 

If you’re going to use a stain remover, remember to try it on a less visible part of the rug first, to make sure it doesn’t damage its fibers. It’s about rescuing your rug, not bidding it farewell! 

Cleaning rugs with red wine stains.

It always happens. You organise a dinner with friends or family and suddenly the wine has been spilled on your favorite rug. Don’t panic and act as quickly as possible. 

Rub the affected area with sparkling water. Then spread cleaning foam on it and remove it once its taken effect. This way you can save your rug, and the evening! You can find more tips in our removing red wine stains post.

limpieza de alfombras

Rug cleaning

Cleaning rugs with tea or coffee stains 

The mornings are complicated, and even more so if you make yourself a cup of tea or coffee still half asleep and spill it on your rug. Wake yourself up and quickly rub it with a mixture of detergent and white vinegar to remove the stain. 

Chewing gum stuck on your rug

Getting home without realising you’ve got chewing gum stuck on your shoe and discovering it on your rug isn’t what anyone wants! Don’t worry, keep calm and don’t try to pull it off right away. 

It helps to harden the gum with an ice cube as when it’s more solid it will be easier to remove it. And don’t forget to clean your shoe so it doesn’t happen again! We’ve got more tips on our post about getting chewing gum off your clothes. 

Rug cleaning

Rug cleaning

Rug cleaning is different depending on the fibers

Cleaning of wool rugs 

First shake the rug to remove dirt and then vacuum. Take a rag/cloth and wet it with water and a neutral soap so that it cleans and drys quickly. It will look brand new and last longer!  

Cleaning cotton rugs 

These fibers require a different treatment. Its best to vacuum it, but wait, don’t just vacuum it for the sake of it. Vacuuming cotton rug is an art. First start from the centre to the edge and then the edges to the centre.   

Do this on both sides. Then, using white vinegar wet a cloth or rag and scrub. Then do the same with warm water for the best possible clean. All done, your rug is clean. 

Cleaning rugs of synthetic material.

The secret behind cleaning this type of rug is vacuuming regularly and cleaning with dry foam. You should know that these fibers are very static and so they gather a lot of hair and strands that stick to the rug. For this reason it’s important to vacuum constantly so it’s not as hard to clean. 

Cleaning natural fiber rugs 

For rugs made of sisal or jute clean them using a cloth soaked in salt water. Gently rub the entire surface and then let it dry in the shade. Ready, clean rug.

como lavar alfombras en casa

Cleaning bamboo rugs 

These rugs have become popular and although the amount of people who have them is still relatively small, it’s important to know how to clean them. These rugs should only be vacuumed and never shaken as to not damage them. And if you need to clean them just use a neutral soup and gently rub.

Rug cleaning

Rug cleaning

The best way to store rugs  

Firstly, it’s vital you wash your rug, this way you’ll get rid of any dust which might damage or harden the fibers or potentially might tear your rug meaning you’ll have to bid farewell to it  just before you wanted to start using it again! 

We know that washing or cleaning your rug isn’t the most exciting thing to do, so never hesitate to contact us and we’ll come to your home, pick up  your rug and bring it back as good as new. 

When we return your rug to you keep it rolled up with newspaper, as we mentioned before, so you can avoid excess moisture or getting dust mites which can spoil the fibers. 

Place the rug horizontally where nothing can squash it, if anything squashes the rug it can be deformed. If you follow our advice, when you want to get your rug out to use again it will be in perfect condition.


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