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  • Styling
    25 mins

    Whether it's for a special occasion or to put the finishing touch to your day-to-day look, you can enjoy a wide variety of hairstyles for girls and women, always adapting to your needs. A new look.

  • Woman's cut
    15 mins

    At BeautyJeff, our team of stylists are trained in the latest trends. Thanks to this, we can offer you any type of haircut and adjust it to how you want it. The service includes washing the hair for a better cut.

  • Men's cut
    15 mins

    Men's haircuts are a meticulous task and at Beauty Jeff, we make sure you get the desired result. We wash the hair before starting the cut.

  • Kid's cut
    20 mins

    Going to the hairdressers is always an experience for the little ones. We are specialists in quick and easy haircuts for children in our Salons.

  • Root color
    50 mins

    Touch up your roots with the latest color trends. We help you find the one that suits you best. This service is for both men and women.

  • Full color
    55 mins

    We at Beauty Jeff are specialists in looking after your hair. That's why we will advise you on choosing the best hair color for you, with the assurance that we work with the best products on the market.

  • Highlights
    65 mins

    Highlights are always trendy. At BeautyJeff, we use both classic and custom highlighting techniques, both of which allow you to use one or more colors for a more natural and flattering finish.

  • Partial Highlights
    50 mins

    It doesn't matter how long your hair is, highlights never go out of fashion! At BeautyJeff, we offer you the latest highlighting trends.

  • Scalp cleansing treatments
    15 mins

    At Beauty Jeff, we have treatments for dry and damaged hair that are aimed at improving the quality, shine and silkiness of your hair. Our treatments focus on combating frizz and color protection.

  • Intensive treatment
    15 mins

    It's important to have intensive treatments for healthy, silky, shiny hair. At Beauty Jeff, we use the most appropriate treatments according to the needs of your hair and skin. These include scalp cleansing, strengthening, color and shine, repairing and restoring treatments.

  • Manicure
    25 mins

    At BeautyJeff, we take care of your nails to ensure your hands always look healthy and beautiful.

  • Semi-permanent nail polish
    15 mins

    Choose the color you like the most and enjoy perfect nails for weeks.

  • Semi-permanent nail polish removal
    10 mins

    When your nails have grown and your nail polish isn't even, we recommend removing the polish and repeating the process.

  • Upper lip waxing
    5 mins

    With our top lip waxing, we remove hair quickly so that your face feels clean and pretty.

  • Eyebrow shaping
    5 mins

    At BeautyJeff, we don't just shape your eyebrows with tweezers. We study your facial features and shape your eyebrows to highlight your natural beauty.