Cleaning a suit

Synonymous with style and elegance, the suit is an indispensable companion on special occasions and for many it is in what they wear on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, this article brought to you by Mr Jeff will be useful for all. We want to share all our knowledge on how to style, shape, clean and care for your star garment. 

Suit measurements

One of the first things we ask ourselves when trying on a suit is how to know if it fits us properly. Here’s a small guide to help you make sure it fits like a glove: 

  • The most important thing to consider when deciding if a suit fits or not is the back. The jacket should fit well on the shoulders without feeling too tight, but equally the fabric shouldn’t protrude from the sides. You should be able  fasten the jacket easily and the first button should be positioned just below the waist. 
  • A classic cut suit is always a good choice as straight suits favor all body types.
  • We can see the length of the arm when we bend our arm at a 90º angle. The cuff of the jacket should be at the wrist and the shirt should protrude a few centimeters below. This is especially important if we wear cufflinks.
  • As for the length of the jacket itself, the measurement is taken while standing straight with your arms by your side. The end of the jacket should be at the height of our thumb.
Cleaning a suit

Cleaning a suit

  • The back vent of a suit jacket is usually an indicator of their level of formality. A central vent is usually implies the suit is for special occasions while two side vents indicate that this jacket is more for daily use.
  • If the pant leg is the appropriate length it should stop just above the heel of the shoe, the front part touching the laces. Wearing a belt is a must, and it should match the shoes if possible. 
  • The tie, our finishing touch, should be long enough to touch the belt. 
  • If you’ve tried on numerous jackets, blazers and pants and haven’t managed to find the perfect fit, perhaps consider ordering a custom made suit. After all, having a good fitting suit is a necessity and long-term investment. 

And for women? The truth is that the classic and masculine style is very fashionable and skirt suits will be in this season.

Thorough suit cleaning 

To extend the life of our suits it’s important to keep a few points in mind which are similar to those for any item of clothing. Here are a few pointers to help keep our suits looking great:

  • Air it in an open space. To avoid having to clean it too often, we recommend airing it in an open place from time to time to get rid of any odours it may have absorbed. This is especially important following crowded or food-orientated events.
  • If you don’t wear your suit on a regular basis, it is best to store it in a cloth suit bag that allows the fabric to breathe and to avoid the suit getting dusty. 
  • Each garment should be hung on the appropriate hanger. Jackets and shirts should be hung on contoured hangers as using wire hangers could deform the clothes. As for the pants, we should make sure they aren’t creased when hanging them up, otherwise they’ll be creased when we come to wear them.
  • Make sure there is a small space between clothes in the closet. It’s best if  suits don’t touch any other item to ensure it doesn’t become creased or lose its shape. 
  • When transporting a suit we should never fold it in a suitcase, and should always use a zip up suit bag to protect it.  

Suit cleaning, leave it to the professionals

Once we have the perfect suit  that fits like a glove and are taking good care of it, it will inevitably stain and start to smell, after all it’s just like any other item of clothing. 

Suits require dry cleaning, and under no circumstance should we wash them in our washing machines, or by hand with hot or cold water. The best thing to do is to use our home delivery laundry and dry cleaning service for the best suit cleaning. 

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Some people think that dry cleaning so frequently could damage the suit, but nothing is further from the truth. At the dry cleaners, we clean the suit appropriately depending on its fabric. The processes that are carried out are specially designed for delicate garments and will help extend the life of our suit.

Ironing our suit

We have to take extreme care when ironing our suits. If we come across any creases in our jacket / blazer or pants, we can smooth them out ourselves at home by following these small tips :

  • It’s best to iron the suit with a thin cloth on top, this will prevent fabric shine.
  • We should use the non steam iron which uses only dry heat, to avoid distorting the jacket’s interlining.
  • Our tip for an emergency would be using steam from the shower as we already mentioned in this article that we published a few weeks ago on Mr Jeff’s blog.
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Cleaning a suit

For those who wear suits on a daily basis, going to the dry cleaners so often could pose a problem. So we designed Mr Jeff’s suit cleaning service to suit their needs. Through our app or website you can place your order and we’ll go to your home to pick up your clothes and you’ll have them back washed and clean in no time. A useful service for everyone.

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