how to remove chewing gum from clothes

Traces and stains from chewing gum on clothes is a fairly common problem, especially for those who have small children at home. Small children, who have not yet mastered the art of chewing gum, end up playing with it and sticking it everywhere (but their mouths), especially on clothes. To solve this problem, we at Mr Jeff will show you how to remove chewing gum stains from clothes as soon as possible.

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How to remove chewing gum from clothes: 6 effective products

The main reason why chewing gum is so difficult to remove is that it’s a sticky, elastic substance. Once it sticks to fabric, we must try to remove it without leaving any trace.

1. Ice

The first thing we propose is trying to freeze the gum. Put the garment in a plastic bag with the gum facing up. We don’t want to contaminate the food we have in the freezer so we use the plastic bag to insulate the garment from the rest of the items in the freezer. By facing the gum upwards, we prevent the gum sticking to other parts of the garment. 

Depending on the size of the gum, it will take a 2-3 hours for it to freeze. Once this time has passed, take the garment out of the bag and use a knife or spatula to try to remove the gum. Be careful not to damage the garment with the blade of the knife. When you have removed the gum, apply some stain remover to the affected area and wash the garment as normal.

how to remove chewing gum from clothes

how to remove chewing gum from clothes

2. How to remove chewing gum from clothes with boiling water

Our second proposal is the opposite of the first, and will involve using heat. Put the garment into a basin and pour boiling water directly onto the affected area until the garment is submerged. Let it soak in for a minute to allow the heat penetrate deep into the fibers.

Taking care not to burn yourself, try to remove the gum with a knife gently to avoid damaging the product. After this, spray the affected area with stain remover and wash the garment as normal.

3. Hot vinegar

An alternative to hot water, and something more effective, is vinegar. Follow the same method as that outlined in the previous tip. Heat a glass of vinegar until it is almost boiling, pour it over the affected area and use a toothbrush to gently scrub the gum until it comes off. You can also use a knife. Afterwards, wash the garment in the washing machine to remove the vinegar.

4. How to remove chewing gum from clothes with a hot iron

We can also use the heat of an iron to help detach the gum from our clothes. Place some cardboard on the ironing board and then put the garment on top with the gum on top of the cardboard. Then iron the garment.

The heat from the iron will remove the gum from the fabric and stick to the cardboard. After this, wash it as normal to remove possible traces.

:Arrow: Be careful not to touch the gum with the iron directly as it will stick to it. If it does happen, don’t worry, here is a post about how to clean your iron to keep it looking brand new.

How to remove chewing gum from clothes

How to remove chewing gum from clothes

5. Rubbing alcohol

Another very useful product to have at home is rubbing alcohol. 96% alcohol is something no stain can survive and it doesn’t stain colored clothes.

To remove gum from our clothes, simply sprinkle some alcohol on top of it.. Use a cloth or sponge to help you.

Wait until the gum and garment are well soaked in the alcohol and scrub it gently with a sponge. With the help of a knife, as we’ve done before, gently scrape it to remove the gum and wash the garment to remove any remains.

Acetone or nail polish can be used in the same way as rubbing alcohol to remove chewing gum stains. 

6.  Liquid soap

Neutral liquid soap can also be useful to remove gum from clothes, but we don’t recommend using it for delicate garments. Soak the garment in water and cover the gum with liquid soap. With the help of a toothbrush or similar instrument, scrub around the gum to remove it bit by bit.

We’ll need to scrub the garments, so we don’t recommend using this method for blouses or other delicate items.

If this doesn’t work, repeat the process or request the Mr Jeff home delivery dry cleaning service.

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How to remove chewing gum from clothes

You can try each of these products until you find the one that is most effective in your case. Each garment is different, so don’t be afraid to try them.

Removing chewing gum from hair

When gum gets stuck in hair, oily products are very effective. We avoid using these products on clothes as they are likely to leave stain.

Products such as olive oil, bath oil or butter can all be found at home. Simply take a small amount of oil or butter and cover the gum with it.

Gently massage the gum and hair so that the gum slides to the end of the hair. You can use a comb to make sure it comes off completely. After this, wash the hair with anti-grease shampoo to remove all traces of oil and butter efficiently.


How to remove chewing gum from clothes

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