How to remove paint from clothes

At some point, everyone has taken on the task of adding a touch of color to their homes. It seemed like a simple task, so we decided to pick up the brush and get to work. Before starting, we took a few minutes to cover every inch of our homes with newspapers and bed sheets to avoid staining the floors, lamps and furniture as much as possible.

Still, our efforts are normally in vain and we end up with paint where we least expect it. As for the clothes? That’s a different story. There are many types of paint, some are easier than others to remove from clothes and at Mr Jeff, we know all about them. Read on to find out how to remove paint from clothes.

The best advice: Leave it to the professionals

Removing paint from clothes can be tedious at times and what’s worse, you can damage the clothes even more by spreading the stain. For this reason we recommend using a professional service.

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How to remove paint from clothes : what kind of stain is it?

As mentioned previously, to remove paint stains from clothes it’s important to know what type of paint it is.

We must distinguish between two types of paint:

  • Water-based: This paint dries quicker but is less resilient. Recommended for crafts.
  • Oil-based: This is suited for outdoor painting as they are more durable. Perfect for painting houses.

The easiest way to ascertain the type of paint we are using is to consult the paint tin. It also usually includes some brief instruction on how to remove paint stains which can serve as a guide for us.

How to remove paint from clothes. mr jeff

How to remove paint from clothes

Normally, we can easily remove stains with soap and water if it’s still fresh, whatever the paint type. We submerge the garment in a basin of water to dampen it. On a smooth surface, we apply detergent on the stain and rub it with a brush, rinse it and see how the stain has disappeared.

If the paint stain is dry, the process gets complicated, but let’s take a look at each case:

How to remove dry paint from clothes: Oil-based paints

When an oil-based paint stain dries on one of our garments, it’s virtually impossible to remove it, but there are specific products that can help us clean much of the stain and try to save our garment as much as possible.

The most effective and universal product for removing dry oil-based paint stains is turpentine. There are different solvents with greater or lesser strengths that are applied depending on the paint we’ve used, and out of all of them, turpentine is the least aggressive. We must bear in mind that it’s not just about removing the paint stain, but also trying to save the garment without damaging it.

Whichever solvent we’re going to use to clean the garment, remember that they’re very toxic products. Use gloves and a mask when using it and open a window to ventilate the room you’re cleaning in.

If you’re not sure about cleaning it or afraid of further damaging your clothes, the best thing to do is to hand it over to your laundry and dry cleaning home delivery service who will clean it professionally

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The best choice: Mr Jeff

Process to how remove paint stains from clothes

Let’s take a look at the process to remove paint stains on clothes. We place the garment on a cloth, dampen the dry paint stain with turpentine and leave it to soften.

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When a few minutes have passed, scrape off the paint with a knife or a paint scraper carefully so as to not stain other areas of the garment. After this, we apply detergent and rub the stain, if it isn’t easily removed, we can leave it soaking for a few hours and later wash the garment in the washing machine as normal.

As we said earlier, the instructions on the paint tin will indicate the most suitable solvent to use.

How to remove paint from clothes

How to remove paint from clothes

How to remove dry paint from clothes: Water-based paints

Water-based paints are easier to remove than oil-based ones. In this case we will also treat the stain before putting it in the washing machine, but this time we do it with water and dishwasher detergent.

Mix equal parts of water and dishwasher detergent in a glass. We dampen the stain from the inside of the garment as it will come off easier. With a brush, gently rub the stain to remove it.

It’s very important to protect the rest of the garment so that the stain doesn’t spread. For this, we put a cloth or kitchen paper under the fabric. Repeat this until the stain disappears completely and later wash it in the washing machine as normal.

Remove paint of other areas of our home

As we mentioned in the beginning, it’s not only our clothes that can fall victim to paint stains. It’s quite common for floors, windows and carpets to end up with those dreaded drops of paint that sneak in everywhere. Let’s take a look at some tips to remove them:

  • Floors. On tiled floors, paint can be cleaned up with a mop as long as it’s fresh. It gets more complicated when the paint filters through the joints. In these cases we can use a toothbrush and soapy water to try to remove as much as possible. We can remove all the spots and traces of paint with a scraper when it dries.
  • Windows. It is also very useful to use a special glass scraper to remove traces of paint that may have fallen on the windows while painting. A little trick: if we dampen the scraper with alcohol the paint drops will disappear easier.
  • Carpets. Carpets are very difficult to clean on account of their size and the fabric they’re made of. 

How to remove paint stains from clothes: some tips

As always, from Mr Jeff, we leave you with some advice to keep in mind:

  • Always check the clothes labels to see if it can be washed.
  • When working with paint solvents, always wear gloves, a mask and ventilate the room.
  • Don’t put the garment in the washing machine or dryer without first treating the paint stain as it could set in even more.
  • If you’re unsure about how to proceed with the garment, you can always count on our laundry and dry cleaning home delivery service.


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