curtain cleaning

Curtains are perhaps amongst the household items which receive the least amount of attention despite the fact they are a very important part of decorating different spaces such as living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens. While making each room look good, they are unfortunately exposed to dust and sun rays.

In this article we want to give you some tips to help you improve the cleaning and care of your curtains so that they can continue to give your home a touch of personal style.  

Curtain cleaning: the best option is Mr Jeff

We have to clean each type of curtain differently, dependending on their fabric. Some fabrics are more delicate than others. Some curtains are used as decorative pieces and they can be very fragile as they are made using special techniques or fine embroidery. 

That’s why we highly recommended going to Mr Jeff, the laundry experts who will give your curtains the optimal and special care they need. Through the app or website you can locate your nearest Mr Jeff Store and request what you need. You’ll soon be attended to and all your doubts soon resolved. Place your order and feel confident that your curtains will be well looked after.

The size of an item can be more overwhelming than the cost of cleaning it. While curtains can be quite large, washing them is not as complicated as you might think. It’s all about time, patience and little by little you get the hang of it. 

Cleaning curtains by hand

What’s my washing machine for then? Well, as we’ve already said some curtains are made with delicate fibers or with thin or frayed embroidery that make them fragile. That’s one reason to wash them by hand, other reasons include the type of fabric and the fact that most curtains are made to measure, so don’t have specific washing instructions. 

Cleaning curtains at home 

As curtains are normally very large, we recommend washing them in a wide space, which makes it easier for you to maneuver them. You could wash them in the bathtub or shower for example. Do not use hot water, it’s much better to use warm or cold water to best care for delicate fibers.

The right detergent

Use a liquid detergent, preferably one which doesn’t contain bleach which could spoil the curtain’s color. Pour a generous amount of detergent over the wet curtain and let them stand for a few hours so that the detergent penetrates the material and removes dirt more easily. Moving the garment occasionally will help the detergent to work more effectively.

After waiting the next thing is to do is get rid of  the soapy water. Then refill the bathtub and this time you can add a fabric softener if you like (you should only add this if your curtains are made of a fabric which needs to be softened). If this is the case, follow the same procedure as with the detergent and wait for about half an hour, drain the water and rinse with plenty of clean water. 

curtain cleaning

Curtain cleaning

Dry the curtains in the sun.

Let your curtains dry in the sun. Do not squeeze them, simply let them drain because squeezing them can damage, spoil or deform the curtain’s fibers. Hang or leave the curtain spread out flat to allow the sun to dry it.

Save yourself the trouble of ironing your curtains.

We’ve got a trick which will help your curtains iron themselves, it’s not  magic. You just have to hang them on their rod or pole before they dry completely, that is, when they are still a little wet but not dripping. Their own weight will make the fabric smooth and crease-free, saving you the ironing work.

curtain cleaning

curtain cleaning

Removing specific stains from your curtains.

Before washing them, apply stain remover directly on the affected area without applying water. Rub and wait a while, then wash the curtains as explained above.

How to wash your curtains in the washing machine

That’s easy. The only thing you need is a washing machine which allows you to wash heavy items such as curtains. Just remember to pay special attention to the type of fabric or fiber the curtains are made from and based on that, you can choose the right cycle to clean them damage free.  

The right cycle for washing your curtains.

We recommend using cold water and the delicate wash cycle so as not to damage any embroidery or special prints the curtains may have. At the end of the cycle choose a fast spin and so you can avoid any creasing. 

curtain cleaning

Curtain cleaning

Correct curtain drying 

You have two options. The first is to repeat the drying process we mentioned earlier and put them in the sun to help them dry thoroughly. If you do this, remember that you should hang them up before they dry completely so their weight and remaining moisture will allow them to dry and iron themselves. 

The second is to use a dryer, choosing a low temperature setting so that fibers aren’t subject to heat that could damage, burn or deform them. The curtains will not be completely dry due to their size and density. However, they will be dry enough for you to hang them up and leave them to dry and their own weight will mean the curtains iron themselves. 

wash curtains

Curtain cleaning

Vacuum your curtains to clean them. 

We recommend vacuuming your curtains while cleaning your home, to remove any dust that might adhere when brushing or shaking  furniture. The less dusty they are, the longer their life will be, the color will remain brighter and they will look better.

To ensure that your curtains get the cleaning they need and that you don’t become tired of doing it yourself , we recommend going to the household washing experts , Mr Jeff. You can subscribe to one of the monthly plans which will allow you to schedule the washing of your curtains and other household items.

Remember that you choose the place, date and time we collect and deliver your clothes. You don’t have to leave the house because Mr Jeff goes to your door to pick up your curtains. 

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