How to remove blood stains from clothes

Blood is a stain we come across from time to time when washing our clothes, and also one that is difficult to remove. Let’s take a look at how it can be done. Today at Mr Jeff we explain you how to remove blood stains from clothes.

General guidelines for removing blood stains

It’s important to tackle the stain as soon as possible as it will be easier to remove and we have more of a chance to salvage the garment if it’s not already dried in.

Wash blood stains with cold water

We must always wash garments with blood stains in cold water because it dilutes, hot water fixes the stain. 

The dryer always helps to set in blood stains, so garments that are not completely rid of stains should never be put into the dryer.

After treating the stain, we must disinfect and sanitize the area on the garment.

How to remove blood stains from clothes

How to remove blood stains from clothes

Mr Jeff – the best option for removing blood stains

With Mr Jeff, you can forget about difficult stains. With just one click on your smartphone, you can request our home delivery service where we will pick up your clothes and 48 hours later we will return them washed and ironed.

How to remove recent blood stains

Soak the garment

As stated above, cold water is effective for removing blood stains, so the garment should be soaked as soon as possible. A little neutral soap will help soften the stain and make it easier to remove.

Let the garment soak for 15 minutes and then rub the stain with some soap if necessary. Finally, put the garment into the washing machine and wash as normal with cold water.

Ammonia and hydrogen peroxide

Ammonia and hydrogen peroxide also act very well against blood stains. If the previous trick didn’t work, try this one.

Mix a tablespoon of ammonia with half a glass of water. Pour the mixture on the stain and rub it with a toothbrush. Let it soak for about 5 minutes and then rinse.  

It’s very important to protect the rest of the garment to prevent the stain spreading. Don’t use this mixture on delicate fabrics such as silk or cashmere. 

When rinsing, add some neutral soap to help remove the remaining stains. Then put it into the washing machine as normal with cold water.

Manchas de sangre

How to remove blood stains from clothes

Hydrogen peroxide will work the same way as ammonia. As it is a very corrosive element, we recommend only using it on white garments to avoid ruining colored garments.

Another way to use hydrogen peroxide is to apply a few drops onto the stain after letting the garment soak in cold water for a few hours. Again, this should not be used on delicate garments.

As we indicated above, we must be careful when dealing with these kinds of stains. It’s important to clean the entire work area and disinfect it well.

How to remove dried in blood stains

To treat these stains, the previous method with ammonia or hydrogen peroxide can be used. If it doesn’t work, toothpaste may be used.

Apply toothpaste onto the stain with a moist toothbrush. Try not to rub outside the stain as it may spread. Let the paste dry and then rinse with cold water. Put it into the washing machine as normal to remove all the stains. Commercial stain remover products are very effective against blood stains, eg., Vanish. 

How to remove blood stains from clothes

How to remove blood stains from clothes

The Dr. Beckmann brand offers various products to treat stains. It has a ‘’magic pen’’ that erases stains and is a good instrument in emergencies while also protecting the color of the garment. In the case of more abundant blood stains, we can use washing enhancers in the washing machine. 

How to remove blood stains from other surfaces

In larger stains which may be found on sheets and large garments, apply stain removal treatments in large quantities. For example, blood stained sheets can be soaked in cold water in a bathtub with a neutral liquid soap. This will help soften the stain before putting the sheets into to the washing machine.

How to remove blood stains from clothes

How to remove blood stains from clothes

In the case of mattresses, upholstery and other items which can’t be put into the washing machine, the ammonia and water mixture can be used. Wet a cloth with the mixture and rub the surface to remove the stain, taking care not to spread it too much.

Another deep clean option is the following mixture: ½ a cup of cornstarch, 1 tablespoon of salt, ¼ cup of water and a teaspoon of ammonia. Put the mixture on the stain and leave it until it dries. If there is any remaining stain, repeat the process until it has disappeared completely.

As always, we remind you that if you are unable to remove stains at home, or simply want to spend your free time doing something else, Mr Jeff will take care of all your laundry.

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