How to use a washing machine

There are two ways, and if you’re reading this, it may be because you don’t know how to a washing machine. Maybe you have already tried and don’t understand how the different washing cycles and buttons work (this is usually the case), or you’re making the decision to buy one.

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If we haven’t convinced you after this, that’s okay. We’ll explain what seems like a complicated task in a simple way. It’s easier than you think!

Si después de esto no te hemos convencido, está bien ahora te explicamos de manera sencilla puede parecer complicado pero en realidad es más sencillo de lo que aparenta. En poco tiempo te vas a acostumbrar y rápidamente aprenderás desde cómo funciona hasta como distinguir entre detergente, suavizante y ciclos de lavado.

How to use a washing machine: Before washing

There are some things you should know before using a washing machine. The first thing is to separate the dirty clothes. Group clothes according to color, eg., put white clothes together, colored clothes together and bed linen together. Read the garment labels to know which type of wash setting it requires.

If there are clothes with specific stains, you will need to separate them from the rest as they will require a special cycle to help remove the stains.

For these types of problems, you can count on Mr Jeff. The professions at our Stores can guide you through the type of treatment your garment requires. In addition, we will always do our best to ensure your clothes look brand new. 

1. Loading the machine

If the washing machine is packed, the clothes won’t become saturated. Overloading the machine may result in the clothes not being washed as they should be. Check the capacity of your machine, each one normally has loading recommendations and instructions. Pay attention to the load you put in the washing machine as an incorrect amount can cause operational problems and damage.

como poner una lavadora

How to use a washing machine: separate garments

2. How to use a washing machine: Detergent

Using a lot of deodorant can cause bad odors that will remain in your clothes. This is because the chemical compounds in detergents feed the black mold that lives in the washing machine pipes.

Excess detergent can cause washing machines to break down prematurely.

Look at the instructions for use on the detergent bottle. You’ll find quantity recommendations based on the amount of clothes, the type of clothes and water. Detergent isn’t cheap, so use the measurements!

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How to use a washing machine

3. Wash settings

These will depend largely on both the brand and model of washing machine. You’ll find many large machines with many settings, some which you may never use. Choosing the correct setting is important in preventing your clothes from being damaged. Choose the one which matches the fabric of your garments.

Basic settings:

  • Normal: the clothes spin very fast and are normally very dirty with large stains.
  • Slow: recommended for underwear or fine fabrics. It is not too aggressive with has enough intensity to clean.
  • Special ones: These have speeds which are suitable for special or delicate treatments. They can be used to disinfect, steam and spin. Some of the latest models even have a cycle to remove bacteria from the drum of the washing machine.

After selecting the setting, choose the appropriate water temperature. Cold water should be used for delicate items, medium for dark and moderately dirty clothes and hot for clothes which are very dirty (and towels).

4. Program the washing machine

Each washing machine is different so it’s important to be familiar with the model in order to identify the programs we need to use. The purpose of programming it is that you can control the time. You can go about your day knowing that in x amount of hours or minutes, you will have your clothes clean and ready to be dried.

How to use a washing machine

How to use a washing machine

5. How to use a washing machine: Turn it on

This may seem like a joke, but make sure the door is closed before turning on the washing machine. Some washing machines can indicate that the door isn’t closed properly, but remember that some don’t. Check before starting to avoid accidents!

After you have checked, press the start button.

Practice makes perfect and with each kind of garment you wash, you’ll discover the use of each setting and their results.

Don’t forget that you can always count on Mr Jeff to take care of your laundry so that you have more time to do what you enjoy doing!

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